OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 65

Volume 15 Issue 1 » 65 2018 Karma Revero » Besides shifting production from Finland to Moreno Valley, California, Karma Automotive heavily revised the car with the latest battery technology and refitted it with all-new Bosch electronics. Unlike its predecessor, the Revero’s solar roof does not just power various interior accessories, but is connected to the main battery pack. Therefore, it can contribute up to 200 watts of electricity or up to a maximum of just under five kilometres of range on a sunny day. Part of the Karma Automotive experience is that each buyer will be treated by one customer brand manager from day one, for purchase, delivery, service, roadside assistance, and so on. Since the Revero is a series-hybrid vehicle, there is no mechanical link between the two power sources. The gasoline engine acts as a range extender to generate electricity, supplying electricity to a battery pack and/or to power the electric motors that move the vehicle. Combined output is 403 hp and a whopping 981 lb-ft of torque. In pure EV mode, or Stealth mode, the Revero can travel up to 51 kilometres, and then an additional 302 kilometres on the gasoline generator. Total range is approximately 353 kilometres using both power sources. Inside, the Revero is upholstered in sumptuous Scottish Bridge of Weir leather. If the customer specifies wood, Karma uses fallen-tree timbers for the trim in order to be more sustainable. Additionally, an artist in Hawaii literally hand paints each Karma badge, so each one is unique. The Karma Revero was formerly known as the Fisker Karma, but don’t call the new car that. The company’s assets were bought by a Chinese company and the new company is called Karma Automotive.