OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 47

Volume 15 Issue 1 » 47 2019 Lamborghini Urus » After many years of speculation, Automobili Lamborghini has officially launched its third model, the Lamborghini Urus. The name Urus comes from a large Spanish fighting bull. Lamborghini insists that this is no ordinary SUV, but indeed elevates the SUV segment to a level not previously possible; hence, the reason behind calling the Urus the world’s first Super SUV (SSUV). Impressively, Lamborghini has designed the Urus to accommodate a person up to 6.73 feet tall up front, and up to 6.23 feet in the rear. There is also enough room for three golf bags in the 616-litre luggage compartment. Get behind the wheel of the Urus and the intent is for you to feel like a pilot. That means being surrounded by the Tamburo c