OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 43

Volume 15 Issue 1 » 43 comes when you take an underutilized property and change the layout and function to maximize untapped potential. It takes years of experience to analyze from the highest- and best-use perspective, but if you get it right, you can increase the value better than anything else. Does that lifestyle philosophy translate into your vehicle choice? How did you decide on the Toyota Tacoma and a MINI Cooper as your vehicles of choice? Yes, I’ve downsized from an F-150 to the Toyota Tacoma from OpenRoad Toyota Richmond, and I’m loving it. It is cheaper to operate and works way better in the city, but has all the functionality for renovations as well as family road trips. The MINI Countryman from MINI Yaletown replaced our Mercedes wagon. Rebecca loves the fact that two kids can still fit in the back perfectly, and even Kesler’s hockey bag fits in the trunk. It fits into a streamlined lifestyle and is more economical as well. What’s next for you? Any goals you can share for 2018? There are so many exciting projects in development, some I can share and some are top secret! It’s a year where Rebecca and I have started working together on telling our story and sharing insights into this idea of rightsizing, maybe even being able to see it on a small screen - wink, wink! I also have a schedule of appearances across Canada and the U.S. We continue to renovate and invest in properties around Vancouver, and work on the team at Todd Talbot Living serving our real estate clients, and I continue to have the privilege to work with a cross section of amazing companies like OpenRoad. On the personal side, we plan to take the kids to Europe. Oh, and I’m going to squeeze in season five of Love It or List It Vancouver. That’s just a little flavour of what’s in store for an incredibly busy 2018. I wouldn’t have it any other way!