OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 38

38 » OpenRoad Driver CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT Turning It On TODD TALBOT Words by Tanis Sullivan Photos by Kim Bellavance » Todd Talbot, co-host of the popular reality shows, Love It or List It Vancouver on W Network and Love It or List It, Too on HGTV in the U.S., is a fan favourite of millions of home show viewers on both sides of the border. He’s what you’d describe as a modern gentleman with an impressive repertoire of talents and a ton of creative energy that he seems to channel effortlessly into multiple projects at a time. He’s an actor, realtor, dancer, public speaker, writer and social media maven, and best of all, Todd’s an all-around nice guy who’s extremely relatable. So it’s no wonder that over the past decade, he’s become a popular household name and notable celebrity in his own right. OpenRoad Driver got the chance to catch up with Todd to get personal about real estate, renovating and life on the small screen. How did you get your break into television? My first big break was on a show called Fifteen when I was 16 years old. I played Matt Walker, an alcoholic basketball star for five seasons. We shot the first season in Vancouver, the second season in Ottawa, and seasons three to five at Universal Studios in Orlando. How did you go from being an actor to becoming a realtor on Love It or List It Vancouver? Passion and my big mouth! Buying my first property when I was 25 years old sparked a passion for real estate beyond my primary residence, and I grew my portfolio alongside a continuing acting career. When a director I had worked with before became a producer of Love It or List It Vancouver, the two worlds collided. He had been to a workshop I created for actors, encouraging them to own instead of rent, and he knew that I could talk real estate from morning till night. It just made sense to get on board with a project that combined my two loves: real estate and acting. Based on all your experience, what’s the hardest decision people face when deciding whether to love it or list it? The two issues that people on or off TV struggle with the most are money and location. There are a lot of people out there who are very intimidated by the idea of change, and it’s that fear that stops people from a cool opportunity and a new adventure in real estate. What do you think about the Vancouver real estate market right now? Do you think the so-called bubble will burst? In a word…no. I’ve been asked this question for the last fifteen years, which tells you something about it. I personally believe in and continue to invest in the Vancouver market but I do it with a seven- to ten-year plan for each property. There is significant demand that will continue to fuel the market moving forward. The challenge is not about a bubble bursting. It’s actually about accommodating a diverse group of people in a city that is quickly becoming one of the most expensive in the world. That, as opposed to hedging against a potential market correction, is the work that needs to be done. You recently downsized from your 3,000-square-foot home in Lions Bay to a 1,200-square-foot home in East Vancouver. Why did you decide to make the move?