OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 26

26 » OpenRoad Driver P L AT E S U Turn CHEF HAMID SALIMIAN Feature by Sherman Chan Photos courtesy of Hamid Salimian » Akin to a fine-tuned sports car, Chef Hamid Salimian has taken a few turns both in his personal life and his career. Growing up on a farm in northern Iran, Chef Salimian envisioned being a veterinarian. His family had moved from Tehran to escape the ravages of the Iran-Iraq war. He had never even considered a career in the culinary arts, but his life was always filled with love, laughter and food. In the family home guests were welcomed like family. Salimian recalls delectable food prepared by his mother. She was passionate about entertaining people where food was more than just cooking. It involved the presentation, textures and temperature. As for Salimian, much like the family garden he helped tend to, the seed was planted.