OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 17

Volume 15 Issue 1 » 17 How does clothing play a part in your business and profession? CHG: I believe clothing, or the clothes one chooses to wear, says a lot about the way that the person wants to be remembered. What does style mean to you? CHG: A very important is an extension of my character. How would you describe your style? CHG: Understated, polished, elegant and ever- changing depending on my mood or who I am with and what I am doing. What role do accessories play in your wardrobe? CHG: Not so much a fan of too many accessories. I feel it shouldn’t be at all about the accessories or the clothes. Everything should emphasize the attention on the person and not the things. If someone compliments me on the nice pair of earrings, I really hope what they mean is, those earrings make you look radiant. Where do you look for inspiration on style? CHG: Everywhere. It is not purposeful but it tends to just happen. The “Spirit of Ecstasy” ornament on the Rolls-Royce signifies a guiding light for the fearless and pushing boundaries. How does that relate to your story? CHG: As an artist, there is always the ongoing need to chase my dreams and make them a reality. I still believe in making the impossible possible with the need to be fearless in my pursuit. Now, it’s very much about passing my experiences to a new generation, in a way like a guiding light. Dance needs to and keeps pushing boundaries. There lies striving to push for greatness and chasing an unattainable perfection which keeps evolving. What goes into your decision when selecting a car for your career and lifestyle? CHG: I suppose the thought is, “Can I identify with what the brand stands for and is it dependable?” STYLE BY SARAI is a luxury lifestyle consulting company that empowers individuals to feel strong and confident in their personal style. The brand achieves this through providing the tools and frameworks necessary for clients to be their own style icons. Producer & Stylist: Instagram: Web: Jason Sarai, Style by Sarai @stylebysarai Photographer: Instagram: Web: Ellen Ho @hongphotography Makeup & Hair: Instagram: Web: Anita Lee @anitaleehairmakeup Videography: Instagram: Web: Colin Marshall & Braeden Fairbridge @hellocolinmarshall @braedenfairbridge Featured Professional: Instagram: Web: Chan Hon Goh @officialchanhongoh