OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 93

Volume 14 Issue 1 » 93 Fun facts? So far I’ve had four different pieces stolen. One was on display at Prince Charles’ house on the mall, and the others were stolen from clients’ homes. I’m both flattered and indignant about this. It’s a compliment that someone is going to risk a criminal conviction to steal one of my works! What would you consider your greatest artistic achievement to date and why? For me, it’s overcoming the stuff related to art but isn’t involved with art. When I’m creating I’m enjoying myself, but when I’m doing paperwork or tax returns, I find it extremely difficult. What most people don't know about hubcap art is that... I’m the first one that’s done it! Who are your mentors or artistic inspirations? Three artists whose work I particularly admire are the Russian artist Igor Verny, the British artist Helen Denerley, and the French artist Edouard Martinet. What has been the greatest influence in your art? I come from a Bohemian background so my parents always encouraged me to be creative. A lot of children don’t have that kind of springboard, but I had a really positive reaction when I’d make something. I think that’s really helped me. If you could choose to focus on just one piece of art right now, what would it be and why? I have a few things lined up that I’d really like to do. With the hubcaps, if I have ideas as I go along, I roll with it. Right now I’m jumping from on ͥѼѡ)Ёչչѕ'eЁѥ)չѼͽ̸͍