OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 73

Volume 14 Issue 1 » 73 What is the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome while building out your career and company? While there are many to choose from, on a personal level my struggle with anxiety has certainly been my biggest obstacle to date. Looking back in retrospect, I realize it was something I had dealt with from a young age, but a particularly difficult bout several years ago really rocked my world. It was particularly challenging for me on two levels. First, it took a long time for me to even understand what was wrong with me in the first place, as the range of symptoms were large. And even when my doctor finally helped to diagnose me, the second challenge emerged. I felt totally isolated, and unclear how to deal with it. But it was clear for me something needed to be done, as I was having difficulty engaging fully in my career, and frankly every other part of my life as well. What did you do to help get the anxiety under control? Probably the most impactful thing I did was incorporate mindfulness training into my life. I had dabbled with meditation previously, but my mind was so active on the attempts that I quickly became frustrated and gave up. Through my own research and the help of teachers, I was gradually able to incorporate it as a daily ritual. Little by little, I started to gain awareness into the thoughts swirling around my mind, and a gradual realization dawned that I didn’t have to be defined by these thoughts. I’m no expert, but can speak for the powerful impact meditation had then, and still has on my own life. I also started to incorporate yoga as a physical practice of mindfulness. The focus on the breath, and the emphasis on the present moment complimented the meditation nicely. VEHICLE: 2017 Passat Comfortline | ATTIRE: Richard James Savile Row grey check suit | Strellson white dress shirt | Tom Ford navy blue knit tie | Sarai Bespoke white pocket square | Hugo Boss brown leather belt | Johnston & Murphy brown leather brogues The mindfulness training really helped get my anxiety under control, but it’s also had a wide range of other benefits. So though the experience with anxiety was at times harrowing, the learning I’ve gained from it has left me grateful for the adversity it provided.