OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 36

36 » OpenRoad Driver RAPID FIRE What’s your bike’s name? I call it Seabiscuit – after the racehorse who beat the odds to become champion. (It’s a Ssquared CEO pro BMX bicycle.) What’s your car’s name? I don’t have a name for my Mazda3. It’s a practical choice that fits my bike and gear and runs well. Do you have a nickname? Yeah, Tozza. Called it a long time ago and it just stuck. Is there something you can’t live without? When I travel, I need my slippers and yellow coffee mug to remind me of home. Where’s the most dangerous place you’ve been? Some would say South Africa or South America. I find that places get a bad rap and are quite nice once you get to know them. Until I spent time there, I didn’t know Rio was such a beautiful city. Is there anything you’ve regretted eating? No regrets. I like to try foods all over the world. I enjoy the travelling and new experiences. What’s your good luck charm? I’m not superstitious like that. I do meditation because your mind can be so busy, it’s nice to relax. Vehicles Audi R8, OpenRoad Audi Boundary Mazda3, OpenRoad Mazda Port Moody Chair Milano Lounge Chair, Bike Furniture Design Attire lululemon Photography Ellen Ho, Hong Photography & Cinema Hair & Makeup Anita Lee