OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 35

Volume 14 Issue 1 » 35 Tell me more about your regimen to overcome the barriers such as your broken bones. What’s your secret to recovery? There’s no real secret to recovery. You make sure that you’re smart about it, get good treatment and follow through with it. I have faith in sports medicine, and had skilled surgeons with super support staff. Getting back on the track to do what I love is a motivation to be tough. BMXers are a tight bunch while competing. How is envy handled by you, your best friend Connor, and other friends? BMX is pretty cool that way. We keep friendship separate from racing. Out on the track, you’re focused on your own performance. We have lots of fun after the races and in training. We joke around and have a good time as we travel. What are your race day and training rituals to gain a competitive edge? I try to keep loose and be laid back through the pressure and expectations. I follow routines I’ve learned in my training. I listen to music, do yoga, and meditate. I love my sport and am just so privileged to be doing something that’s so fun. Who inspires you? Watching Canadian Olympian Andre De Grasse at sprint events. He gives his all. My Olympic goals were fueled in Vancouver 2010 by freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau and the men’s hockey team taking gold. I admire Clara Hughes for her athletic triumphs in winter and summer sports, for overcoming mental health issues and sharing her knowledge with others. If not BMX racing, what would you be doing? I love hockey and would’ve been proud to play pro in the NHL. When time permits, I’m working toward a kinesiology degree. I’d like to continue working in sports and perhaps coach someday. What do you enjoy when you’re not racing? Watching motocross, hockey, track and field, and other Olympic sports. I am a golfer, (laughing) make that a hacker. I love the ocean so I go surfing when I can. Just playing in the waves on a boogie board is relaxing. My comfort foods are burgers, fries and ice cream. And I like Mexican food.