OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 28

28 » OpenRoad Driver WINECRUSH MARKET Winecrush Market has been awarded Best Concept at the 2017 BC Small Business Awards. Winecrush originated to rescue byproducts of the winemaking industry destined for landfills. The company captures wild yeast from vineyard grapes to inoculate sourdough. The multiple-day baking process results in “gluten-depleted sourdough bread that doesn’t irritate sensitive stomachs.” Attending the Vancouver International Wine Festival, Winecrush partners Tyson Still, wife Allie and his father-in-law Bill Broddy realized that Winecrush Powder had the potential to be crafted into distinctive cheeses, sausages, and additional products. Winecrush’s website section “Benefits of Winecrush Powder” cites studies of the many health benefits of its nutrients. What a bonus that something so tasty in many savoury and sweet dishes is good for you. Along with delicious and healthy attributes, Winecrush Powder imparts an unusual red-to-purple hue to enliven the baking. Winecrush partners with The Dubh Glas Distillery for high-quality botanicals as spent aromatics. They are dried and ground to produce a delicate spice that is luscious in savoury meats, cheesecakes, streusel topping for muffins, and special Christmas Stollen. For its Dukkah spice rub and coffee blend, grape seeds are coarsely ground and roasted to bring out a delectable nutty flavour. Wine lees are dehydrated and used for bigger taste and nutritional power in mustards and meat marinades. Says Still, “We’d love to talk to any company with extra pomace, botanicals, or other such waste to see what hidden flavours we can unlock. We strive for everything we use to be local, high quality, and repurposed.” At its storefront or in the Downtown Penticton Market, you can buy take-home products or grab a bite to eat such as Winecrush pizzas and baking. New this season, Winecrush Picnic Stations will be installed at many local wineries to offer sourdough bread and other gluten-depleted baking, meats, mustards, cheeses and crackers. 221 Main Street Penticton, BC (250) 460-2740