OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 16

16 » OpenRoad Driver W H E R E O U R R O A D TA K E S YO U Edge of Glory ROAD TO HANA by Rick and Chris Millikan » Maui’s secluded east coast beckons us to the edge of glory. From Kahului Airport, we drive through hip Paia and onto Hana’s 84-kilometre heritage highway. The Road to Hana rolls out between sugarcane fields and tangled swaths of uluhe ferns high above the coast. Lavender, orange and red-blossomed trees dot this verdant expanse. Tentacled W'R&07&vgG7FW2G&VW2vBR2V'&VG2gFW"76rF&VvV6R7F@b&&FR&B6W2v&BFFV6Rw&VVW'F2&f&W7B6V7F6F26VG&VB'7W'fW2@fgGfW"RR'&FvW2'V@&VFrWfW'&VBW6W0&RvG&W2f7F2&rVFW"VvP&2&fFW2&G6FR'&VBFP66RF6fW"VR6FW2@g&W6&VB&'&VBBfBG'V6BFRgvBbW"G&fRVP&&&WGVw266W"W֖F`vG&VW2BG2g&VvPWBG&VRvƷvVG2W27@f'&BvvW'2f&BVƖ6@76'FVB2FR&&rWV6ǗGW0