OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 102

102 » OpenRoad Driver EXTRAS Three Wheelin’ S O L O 3 -W H E E L E V by Lauren Kramer » Jerry Kroll likes to cite numbers: some 83 percent of drivers commute 60 kilometres or less each day as a single occupant in their vehicles. For Kroll, founder and CEO of Electra Meccanica, those stats reinforce that it is high time to create the SOLO, a three- wheel, single-occupancy vehicle soon to be re X\Y™\^Y\[[]\H\XY]]YZXKXYH[ZY[] L[ܘ[\ˈ][XXHX^[][HYYو LK[Z\ZYXۙH[[ L K ]ŒMH]][H[ۈ]\HX[][ M[Y]\YܙHX\[\›X\\KH\]Z\YK]\^\\[[ۈHYH\Y܂\[˂[YHHX[X]\\[Y\XHX] SKѓHY[]Y] TЋ\[[[[[Y[[[ [[H^[\[H[Z\ۙ][ۚ[˜\H[]Z[XK8'Y]H\\H[\ܝ[\8'H^\Y[ \X[܂H\[K8']8&\Hx&]H\]Z\Y