OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 101

Volume 14 Issue 1 » 101 By 2020, he says the company is looking to expand the fleet to six or eight products, including a compact SUV, a larger SUV, a sportscar and another sedan. When that happens, OpenRoad Hyundai Boundary will be uniquely situated to sell both luxury and affordable vehicles in an area known primarily for its high-end brands. Quinn says this all ties in with the redevelopment of Hyundai Worldwide’s image, as the South Korean manufacturer vies to attract the same consumer confidence of an import that is currently enjoyed by Honda or Audi. To get that point across, the dealership has installed nine 55-inch televisions that form a single display with clips showing Hyundai products, including an eight- minute segment of Hyundai Worldwide. The aim is to make consumers understand that the South Korean company is a major player in the automobile industry worldwide. Quinn says the dealership has been designed and laid out in the same way. He wants consumers to walk in and feel like they’re buying a luxury brand, and in the short time that the store has been open he says he has already seen that “change of mindset.” Now it’s more about appreciating the technology and engineering that goes into the 2017 Hyundai lineup. Quinn says he and his team of 28 sales and service staff will offer all of the signature customer service, loyalty plans and customer perks that consumers have come to expect from OpenRoad Auto Group. But he has a special message for those turning their eyes to Hyundai. “We want you to know that we’re here long- term, we’re a big company, and this is our product.” OpenRoad Hyundai Boundary 2395 Boundary Road Vancouver, BC V5M 4W5 (604) 297-0066