OpenRoad Driver Volume 14 Issue 1 - Page 100

100 » OpenRoad Driver OpenRoad Experience dark, the facility is gloriously illuminated by powerful and modern full LED lighting. If you’re unfamiliar with the world’s fourth largest auto manufacturer, you need not worry. Ian Quinn, general manager at OpenRoad Hyundai Boundary, has only recently settled into the position after 26 years with OpenRoad Honda. As he began learning and researching the vehicles, Quinn says he was delighted to learn how solid the Hyundai brand has become. “They seem amazing at the moment,” says Quinn. “Their product, quality, technology, design is actually a lot more superior than I thought. I want to tell people that this is an amazing product. And when people walk into this dealership, they see we’ve spent the money, we mean business and we’re here to be the number one store for Hyundai in British Columbia.” Walking into OpenRoad Hyundai Boundary, you’re sure to see their top- selling models front and centre in the sleek Elantra sedan, the Tucson compact SUV, and the Santa Fe SUV. But you’ll also see the Accent and Sonata, including the latter’s Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid options, showing Hyundai's commitment to the global trend toward more energy- efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. Consumers will see charging stations as they pull into the parking lot, which Quinn notes is a first for a Hyundai dealership in the province. Perhaps the most exciting part of OpenRoad Hyundai Boundary is the option to look at the luxury vehicles designed by Genesis, located in a building to the left of the Hyundai products. Hyundai-Genesis split their lineup in November, with Genesis Canada producing the currently available 2017 models of the midsize rear-wheel G80 and G90 luxury sedans, sold through Hyundai dealers. The long-term outlook on the Genesis Canada luxury lineup is very encouraging, according to Quinn.