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Volume 13 Issue 1 » 9 English of traditions: the perfect afternoon tea. Do you know the difference between high tea and afternoon tea? We’ll show you. Beyond Britain, we stay Euro-centric in this issue. Travel overseas with us to the historic capital of Sweden. The nine noble virtues of ancient Vikings are alive and well in beautiful Stockholm. Nearby in neighbouring Washington state, little Bavaria comes to life in the City of Leavenworth. If you haven’t been to this marvelous place in East Wenatchee, it’s only one tank of fuel away. The entire city is modeled after a Bavarian village, minus the expensive airfare to Germany. Speaking of German, OpenRoad is on the eve of opening our new flagship Audi and Volkswagen retail centres, located on Boundary Road at Lougheed Highway. To mark the occasion, we took a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle - part of the first-ever shipment of original Bugs to Canada - and a new 2016 Audi A7 sedan on the road to various locations in Metro Vancouver. Enjoy the entertaining car selfies, from a completely original vintage diner to WOW Westminster, the massive new public art sculpture that was installed recently by Vancouver Biennale. We feature the newest model releases on our lots. Check out our reviews of the new Lexus RX, Honda Pilot, MINI Cooper Clubman, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Hyundai Elantra, Porsche Macan, and more. There are many firsts both in technology and style in this array of new releases. You’ll be surprised to guess which vehicle, unveiled this year, is considered to be the quietest convertible ever built, and which technology is predicted to alter people’s very driving experience in the most fundamental way. Finally, I had the joy of sitting down to interview the incomparable Vikram Vij of Vij’s Restaurant fame. And, please, don’t call him Dr. Vij. He is forthcoming and honest, charming and persuasive. We’re proud to call him an OpenRoad customer and a friend. We were able to enter uncharted territory, as Vikram shared his views on the “purity” of his cuisine and revealed that he was homeless not too long ago on the streets of India - by choice. It’s a fascinating look into the man behind the curry empire who seeks to have all of us eat Indian food once a week. Preferably his, of course. So, is it look before you leap or the other way around? Which one feels right for you? Whichever it is, enjoy your journey! C hr istian C hia PRESIDENT OPENROAD AUTO GROUP Volume 13 Issue 1 c/o OpenRoad Auto Group Ltd. 13251 Smallwood Place Richmond, BC, Canada V6V 1W8 Tel: (604) 232-5347 Fax: (604) 232-5323 E-mail: Website: Publisher: Editor: Associate Editor: Art Direction, Design: Advertising, Sales: Writers: Photographers: OPENROAD AUTO GROUP President: Chief Operating Officer: Vice President & CFO: Senior Marketing Manager: HR Manager: IT Director: Finance Director: Project Director: Christian Chia Will Fong Melissa Mak Haydex Li Andrew Ling Roslyne Buchanan, Christian Chia, Will Fong, Vreni Gurd, Lauren Kramer, Andrew Ling, Melissa Mak, Chris and Rick Millikan, Mijune Pak, Jason Sarai, Benjamin Yong Morgan Davies, Todd Duncan, Ellen Ho, Lauren Kramer, Matt Kwok, Andrew Ling, Chris and Rick Millikan, Mijune Pak, Simon Stafford, Starting Gate Communications, Ventana Construction Christian Chia Mark Lin Dev Walia Andrew Ling Robert McCarroll Peter Mo Jeremy Wong Moe Saboune Change of Address Notices: Return covers of undeliverable copies to OpenRoad Driver, 13251 Smallwood Place, Richmond, BC, V6V 1W8 or send e-mail requests to inquiries@ OpenRoad Driver is published by OpenRoad Auto Group Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without prior written permission from the publisher. All views expressed in articles published in this magazine are those of the authors and not necessarily those of OpenRoad Driver. Advertising in OpenRoad Driver does not indicate an endorsement by the publisher or OpenRoad Auto Group. The publisher accepts no responsibility for advertisers’ claims. Printed in Canada. Publications Mail 40599157.