OpenRoad Driver Volume 13 Issue 1 - Page 84

84 » OpenRoad Driver TRIM LINES Head First I S YO U R H E AD O N T O P O F YO U R B O DY O R T O O FAR F O RWAR D ? by Vreni Gurd » SOMETIMES HEAD FIRST IS NOT THE BEST IDEA. A forward head can be the root cause of all kinds of problems in the body, including headaches, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain, and back pain. It makes good sense that the body works best if all the blocks are stacked up properly, but your profession often requires you to sit in front of a computer, and that tends to pull your head forward. Away from work you might relax b y slumping into a sofa to watch TV, which curves your upper back, also bringing your head forward. Over time your postural habits “harden.” If you are constantly holding a particular posture and not moving through the opposite range of motion, you will lose the motion you don’t use.