OpenRoad Driver Volume 13 Issue 1 - Page 83

Volume 13 Issue 1 » 83 An interior design for an Eric Lamaze house in Wellington, Florida, by Tiffany Foster. The pair do home design and décor projects together, in addition to being equestrian teammates. Original art by Amber Denison. Furnishings by Restoration Hardware and ABC Carpet & Home. I was reading that interior design is something you do as well? I do enjoy that. I mainly do interior design for Eric (Lamaze). It’s my own taste and what I like, and they’ve all worked out so far. My style is modern rustic where I use a lot of reclaimed woods with a natural feel. I just finished a house of Eric’s. Do you wear anything meaningful or any superstitions when you compete? I like to have something new on. Whenever I wear anything new I feel like that’s lucky. It gets really expensive so I try to do that with classes that really matter. (laughing) Nothing too big, so a new pair of gloves or a new hairnet or a new pair of socks. I save the big items like shirts or pants for the big stuff. Otherwise I’d be broke and my sponsors would be upset with me. At the Olympics it’ll be everything new. I need all the luck I can get. (laughing) What was it like at Pan Am? It was a shaky first round. The team needed a clean second round from you, and you looked pretty cool after you delivered on it. We needed at least two clean rounds. Pan Ams obviously meant a lot to us. They were on home soil and our qualifications for Rio were on the line, so it really mattered to us. The first round we had a couple of unlucky mistakes that we wouldn’t have normally made. That’s when if you have such a great synergy within your team, that you can rise up. We came back really strong in the second round and it all worked out. I think the words are euphoric relief. (laughing) Do you like team jumping over the individual? Do you have a preference? I like the team. I just love our team so much and I really love Canada and I love everything that it stands for. We all go in thinking that the team is the priority, and if the individual pans out, then it pans out. We would never sacrifice something out of the team in order to get the individual. RAPID FIRE Manual or automatic transmission? Manual. What do you drive? A Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Florida and a MINI John Cooper Works in Europe. They’re really fast. Your horse Hugo’s favourite snack? Mott’s Fruitsations. He gets that whenever he’s a good boy. (laughing) The thing that they least expect about you? I have no idea. You’ll have to ask somebody else! The most interesting thing in my suitcase? My Thera Cane massager to work out the knots in my back.