OpenRoad Driver Volume 13 Issue 1 - Page 36

36 » OpenRoad Driver You talked about the restaurants and your passion for that, and getting the food into people’s homes. There is a lot of business sense in this, and of course, you enjoyed working with the TV show, Dragon’s Den. Tell me about that experience. So a human being in this world is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who loves to sing and dance to their own music. You’re an entrepreneur, because you want to do things the way you want to do. Everybody is an entrepreneur. I really believe it. Even the person selling cigarettes on the side streets of India is an entrepreneur. So entrepreneurial spirits, of creating, of being your own boss is natural to me. It was not that difficult. I grew up around it, and haggling is a part of my business. One of the things I know your fans love is, of course, to see you. As you expand, that won’t be possible every time. How do you reconcile those factors? Great question. I love people, and I’ve always been a people person. So what I do normally is I start my morning by going to the factory. Then I come to My Shanti, and then I’ll go to Vij’s, then Rangoli, from Rangoli to the new Vij’s. I work an average twelve- to fourteen-hour days. They might not get me every day everywhere, but they do get me at some point or another. I love to welcome people, and say, “Come on in.” I love that style. You can’t have me all the time, but chances are you’re going to run into me because I love what I do. I really do. You didn’t do that with your Audi from us! Last question. Maybe you can tell us something about yourself that not that many people know? To be honest, Audi was that candy I wanted really badly. I love it and I’m such an Audi freak. It drives beautifully, and it just reminds me of who I am as a car. I mean, Audi to me is just like, “wow.” When I was a child, I always wanted to be a Bollywood actor. My father said to me, “No son of mine is ever going to become an actor.” So I asked myself, how do I bring my creative juices... I channeled them through cooking. I always knew right off the bat I wanted to become a chef because my father wouldn’t let me become a Bollywood actor. Another thing is 8-10 years ago while I was going through this period of growth, mentally I was going through some stuff, so I decided to go to India and I became homeless for five days. Just to see why the hell is all this attention being given to me. I hid my passport away, stepped out into the streets for five days, slept there and became homeless just to see what was happening. I realized that I was no different from other human beings out there next to me. I just happened to be born to a father who could send me to a great school to become something of my own. It was such a touching moment to realize I’m so lucky. And the freedom of having a Canadian passport, knowing that once that plane took off from India I never have to look back again. I was a master of my own destiny.