OpenRoad Driver Volume 13 Issue 1 - Page 29

Volume 13 Issue 1 » 29 FISH ’N CHIPS THE FISH COUNTER Fish ’n Chips may have originated in Britain, but Vancouver has its own style of them. First off, we don’t serve them with mushy peas, which look the same coming out as they do going in. Not entirely true because nothing is created equal; but the traditional mushy peas made with Marrowfat peas - green mature peas that have dried out naturally in the field, aka rotten, old and abandoned starchy peas can stay in the UK. The Fish Counter is Vancouver at heart, and its fish ’n chips are one of my favourites in the city. Theirs is 100% sustainable, high-quality fish served alongside freshly cut Kennebec fries, fresh and lightly dressed crunchy slaw, and homemade tartar sauce. The Fish Counter also houses one of the only gluten-free deep fryers in the city. The Nextjen gluten-free fish 'n chip batter is actually lighter and crispier than the regular. Don’t forget to order the smoked sablefish from the takeout retail counter on your way out, too! 3825 Main Street Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P1 (604) 876-3474