OpenRoad Driver Volume 13 Issue 1 - Page 15

Volume 13 Issue 1 » 15 A Canada Goose parka is paired with rubber boots for a casual and all-weather rain ensemble. This is warmth and style that is suitable for everyday wear and a fashionable entrance. The Jaguar brand has come a long way, in my opinion. Jaguar vehicles have always been beautiful esthetically, but the new models look much more assertive now. What goes into your decision when selecting a car for your career and lifestyle? I used to be extremely impressed with speed and horsepower. But as I moved into a different stage in my life, I found myself making a much more meaningful decision when it comes to cars. I need to be able to depend on my car for more than just speed, as I now have a family. It needs to be versatile, but also a brand that holds heritage and has an impeccable reputation. JASON SARAI works with entrepreneurs, professionals and companies to simplify the process of how one approaches fashion and style. He builds individual and specific style plans to make his clients feel strong and confident in their clothing. Style by Sarai is a multifaceted fashion, design, image and style consulting business. Model: Soha Lavin Instagram / Twitter: @countdownevents Producer & Stylist: Jason Sarai instagram: @stylebysarai Photography: Ellen Ho instagram: @hongphotography Makeup & Hair: Anita Lee instagram: @anitaleehairandmakeup Videography: Sutej Pannu & Jay Pannu Instagram: @finepixelstudio Style Assistant: Lindsay Rosso Instagram: @lindsrosso What car is next on your list? My husband and I have just begun our search for our next family car. We’ll gladly take recommendations!