OpenRoad Driver Volume 13 Issue 1 - Page 12

12 » OpenRoad Driver What do you do for work? I am the founder and president of CountDown Events Planning & Design. We’re currently based in Vancouver and Toronto. I am also the creative director of the Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase, which is Canada’s foremost luxury showcase about to celebrate its 12th year. Congratulations! And how did you get into this line of work? I actually had my entrepreneurial start in marketing projects, and I noticed a lack of event planners in the city that were willing to step outside of the norm to produce one-of-a-kind events from scratch for our clients. This was the spark for the idea. At the time there was no real official training for becoming an event planner, but when I look back now, every type of job I had growing up, there was always an aspect of event planning involved. I then started a boutique business with a full-service approach specializing in luxury corporate and social events. to personally service our clients, has given CountDown Events the reputation it has in the luxury world. What types of clients do you work with and what types of services do you provide them? I have many daily rituals revolving around my little family. I like to take a pause and step out into nature - go for a quick hike or a stroll on the seawall to enjoy the sunset. I also love cooking and entertaining. I take pleasure in preparing beautiful and delicious meals for my family. Our clientele are typically looking for a couture experience. We work with a lot of prestigious executives, socialites and international dignitaries. Sounds like you meet some exciting people. What would you like your company to be recognized for? We want to be known for elevating today’s creative standards in designing a memorable moment. Not only that, but I also believe our distinctive methodology What do you do outside of work? Are you part of any other organizations outside of work? The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs gala and Neekoo Foundation gala both represent ideals close to my heart. I give my time, funds and resources to a number of non-profit organizations and charities every year. These organizations represent