Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 3rd Quarter - Page 7

The ULTIMATE Teambuilding Exercise Residents are expected to pay 100% of their rent, yet at times do not have 100% access to everything they pay for. Consider this scenario: Toni has discovered that her dishwasher is broken. She immediately contacts the office to alert them of the trouble. Later that evening, Toni returns home from work, to find her dishwasher has not been repaired. With a full load of dishes and an inoperable dishwasher, Toni is forced to hand wash them. She’s hand washing the dishes while standing next to a dishwasher that she pays for, but is unable to use. The surveys we conduct for completed service requests are not a reflection of how well or poorly the maintenance team performs. Our Insite Work Order survey is not a maintenance survey – it’s a team work survey. The results point to one important question: When something goes wrong in a resident’s apartment home, how well does the team work together to get the issue resolved? These key in the survey speak directly to teamwork. • The office response to the request for service • The overall speed of the service request • Was the maintenance team courteous and professional • Did the maintenance staff clean up before they left your home • Quality of the work done • Was the request completed on the first visit • Were you notified of a delay • Did you receive a follow up call after the work was completed • Do problems still exist