Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 3rd Quarter - Page 5

We asked…you answered “What would you tell your younger property management self?” Go with the flow! ~Kristy Scholl I wish someone would have told me in the first week I worked in property management is that property management can be a career and not just a job. It took me several years to learn that on my own. ~Nikki Gastineau ALWAYS keep a pair of comfortable work appropriate flats to walk the property! Heels just won't cut it, no matter how cute they look! ~Bianca Garcia Focus on doing better and learning more, rather than on promotions. Promotions By Lia Nichole Smith, VP ofin Education Consulting, learn as will come if you put theandwork, SatisFacts Research much a you can, and better yourself. TM ~Katie Koehn