Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 3rd Quarter - Page 4

What Your Team Really Wants From You The multifamily industry is all about people, and most often the people who get the most attention are the residents and prospects. The success of the industry, however, doesn’t start with the residents, however. It begins with the Team. satisfaction, which directly impacts revenue. If team members don’t feel they are getting the opportunity to grow, that their supervisors don’t trust them, or they don’t feel connected to their co-workers, they won’t feel motivated to put much effort into their work. It starts with the culture that is created by top management and cultivated down the chain of command. So, what impacts this culture? 1. Education. At the top of the list is the desire to learn new things, so one of the most impactful investments a company can make is in the education of their staff. Whether it is building an in-house training department or utilizing online learning or tapping into the programs provided by the local apartment association, there is a learning solution for every budget. Two of the top 5 factors in resident satisfaction are “Sense of Community between the residents and staff,” and “Responsiveness and dependability of the team.” Residents and employers have high expectations of our team members, but how often do we evaluate what expectations team members have of their employers or each other? 2. Trust Your Team. There’s a reason you hired the staff you have. Whether it was finding that can-do attitude or discovering someone who had the perfect mix of experience, you had a specific need and you filled it. You did your part, so now let them do theirs. Parameters and guidelines are important, but if you don’t trust your team to make decision there are really only two choices you can make: a) Educate them on the skills they need, or b) Hire a better fit. “More money” is commonly presumed to be the factor that motivates the most, however, according to the results of the 2014 Associate Surveys SatisFacts Index, the top factors that motivate onsite team members are: • Opportunities to learn new things • Authority to make decisions • Management shows faith in their judgment • Working on a team • Recognition • Helping others be successful 3. Provide the Tools Needed. Most often this comes in the form of answering questions promptly. Just as property teams are expected to respond to resident questions and concerns same day, supervisors should live by the same expectation. It’s nearly impossible to do your job well if the tools or information you need are not available. And if it’s a matter of not having the answers to the questions that are coming in, it may be time to establish some basic governing policies. On the flip side, the top factors that keep onsite team members from getting their job done are: • Issues not addressed promptly • Budgeting constraints • Inconsistent direction • Paperwork requirements Notice that compensation doesn’t rank anywhere on these lists. Sure, it is a factor, just as rent increases are a factor when residents are evaluating renewing their lease. But the key factors are overwhelmingly focused on opportunity, trust, and teamwork. Research across a variety of industries show that employee satisfaction directly impacts customer The success of any community relies directly on the property team, and it’s critical to understand what matters most to team members. If you haven’t taken the time lately to ask what is most important to them in their work, don’t assume you know. Ask. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to gain even more loyalty from your employees and, ultimately, your residents. Jen Piccotti SVP of Education and Consulting SatisFacts ResearchTM