Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2015 - 3rd Quarter - Page 15

51.6% of apartment hunters say they would use an online ratings/reviews site in their search for a new home. Due to the Internet and rating sites, you no longer control your brand…your customer does. What you can do using the Manager Center: • Respond directly to online reviews • Receive alerts when a review of your community is submitted Per the SatisFacts Index, ApartmentRatings.com rated as a top ten media source. One may say ApartmentRatings.com is a complaint site or it’s not like TripAdvisor, but the bottom line is your property’s ApartmentRatings.com page will show up at the top of a prospect’s Google search. ApartmentRatings.com has the highest closing ratio…so turn it into a powerful marketing tool. Contract for ApartmentRatings.com Manager Center so you can engage with upset residents, take the conversation offline, and resolve the issue. p Managing your online reputation is driven by managing the resident experience. Improve online ratings requires focus [ۈ\XH[]\K]\јX&H YYX]H\Y[YYX[\ܝܘ[\[[HYX\\H[[\ݙH]\٘X[ۈB\H[[[\ݙH\ܛX[HۙH\Y[]B[Yx)[ݙ\[8)YXHHZ[ZوY]]H›ۈ\\Y[][˘K([ۚ]܈X]]Bو][[]Y]¸(\Z^H[\[][]x&\š[ܛX][ۂ(\Y¸(X\B\ܝ[Z]B[[\ܝ[NZH۝ق[\ۛ[B\]][ۈB