Online MR Magazine May Edition 2016 Issue 1

ONLINE MR Are We Ready To Fly ? BIG DATA MOBILE MR NEW AGE CONSUMERS KK Chandan Small is Big Darren Mark Noyce From Big Data to the Big Picture…How can we deliver actionable advice from data? Andrew Jeavons Dave Lundahl What are the opportunities & threats for the survey research industry? Do we really understand the customers? Steve August Vic Crain Marriage of technology & market research – how much feasible it is in current times? Dirty Data, Dirtier Results How CRMs and Big Data Analytics Get Corrupted and What to do about It. Navin Williams Has Mobile Market Research finally arrived? Seth Grimes Miguel Ramos Are we ignoring data quality to match the speed of decision making? Is mobile causing an identity crisis for MR? Jean Marie Warncke Research on Research (RoR) Survey Says…Show Me the MROC! Tips for Using a Market Research Online Community (MROC) To Meet Your Qualitative & Quantitative Needs Who’s Wearing ‘Wearables’ and Why Market Research Should Care - Research on Research (RoR)