Online dog training videos Feb 2014 - Page 9

9 My Everyday Dog Training Tools by Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer aggressively on the lead your dog will not respond calmly – they will reflect back your energy. So by putting your own mind into a calm state, by staying silent, demonstrating a calm behavior by crouching down and turning away, your dog will understand your communication very clearly. As they say, actions really do speak louder than words. This is just one technique which when used in conjunction with all the other tools can be part of that magical moment when your dog starts to take notice of you. The great thing about the calm freeze is that you can do it anywhere both inside and outside and it doesn’t require another piece of equipment. Just your hand and your dogs collar. There are so many situations where you can use the calm freeze with dramatic success such as when your dog is barking in the house at somebody outside or if your dog is shaking and scared of the fireworks. Now I have done my best to describe how to do this technique, but actually watching me do it will make it much more real. You’ll really ‘get it’