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13 My Everyday Dog Training Tools by Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer 6. Inside Every Dog Is A Great Dog Hi there, If you are reading this, then some of what I have talked about must have struck a chord with you and that’s great news. I’m Doggy Dan. As a dog trainer with a huge passion for dogs I have a burning desire to share my knowledge to help make the world a better place for us all, including our beloved friends. I believe that inside every dog is a good dog and inside every good dog is a great dog. It is a simple statement, but one that I’ve found to be true with every dog, every time. Working with thousands of dogs all over the country I have seen the most difficult of situations turn around when we choose to understand our dogs rather than train them through force. Becoming the pack leader in a kind and gentle way is an absolutely crucial part of this and it is those secrets that I hold close to my heart that I want to share with you. It’s these secrets of becoming the pack leader that your dog is looking for. Without them in place your dog will always see you as a follower and you will always struggle. Whatever situation you are in there is an answer and it is often so much simpler than you care to imagine. Do not worry that your problem seems to be different from anything else you have seen, that your dog is older, or your issue only occurs when you are not home, or it appears to be random, or breed specific. The method that I would like to show you treats the cause of the problem, and when you do this the issue so often simply disappears all on its own. If you are serious about sorting out your dogs behavioral issues and training your puppy up right from the start don’t be tempted to try some fancy gadget that will only back fire on you later on. Learn that the real secret to success is YOU and having the skills and knowledge to get your dog to trust, respect and love you for who you are. When you become the best pack leader that you can be they will chose to follow you. There will be no more need for shouting and scaring your dog. When you chose your puppy or dog you had a certain relationship in mind. A wonderful, mutually beneficial relationship where things were not a strain and