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11 My Everyday Dog Training Tools by Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer The beauty of time out is that you no longer have to enter the cycle of becoming stressed, shouting and frustrated. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys shouting at their dog. In fact shouting your dog’s name when they have done something wrong can quickly ruin your chances of them coming to you when you call them at the park. Time Out can be used effectively for so many training issues as I demonstrate in my videos. It is simply a better choice of deterring unwanted behaviors than physically becoming aggressive to your dog or shouting. Take a look around my complete puppy training and dog training solution: CLICK HERE 5. Control The Environment (Tools: the Long Line and the Short Line) In the last section we talked about Fido running rings around you in the home. I have seen it so many times and it is often quite funny to start with. From little fluffy white dogs to great big clumsy dogs, they have this knack of staying out of our reach when we want to grab them. In this chapter I want to talk about the importance of controlling the environment when we are training our dogs. It is equally true when we are outside and we want to change a behavior or stop our dogs doing a certain thing. If they are out of our control there is not a lot that we can do. Have you ever heard the saying “there is no point in shutting the gate after the horse has bolted”? Well this applies to dog training too. Once your dog is off the leash and is refusing to come to you there is not a lot that you can do. Similarly inside the home the dog that does not want to be caught will not be caught. Well at least not without a lot of effort. So here is the simple tactic that all good dog trainers follow. Keep control of the environment. What does this mean to you? Well here are a couple of key tips.