Online dog training videos Feb 2014 - Page 10

10 My Everyday Dog Training Tools by Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer Somehow you know that it is not working, however there seems to be very few alternatives. Over the course of the next few minutes Fido succeeds in winding you up like a grandfather clock resulting in you shouting your head off at him and chasing him all over the room. Sound familiar? Well the great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way and here’s why. One of the biggest reasons that dogs do not change their behavior is that we are actually training them to continue the old patterns. Let me explain. Fido very likely did not actually want to sleep on the couch as much as he wanted some attention. And our technique of shouting at him, getting frustrated and chasing Fido around the room gave him all the attention he could have wished for and more! Now when you become the pack leader your dog or puppy is going to be far more respectful of you. Put very simply they are not going to jump all over the couch knowing that you do not want them up there. However when your dog thinks that they should be running the show you will run into more areas of contention than you could possible would wish for. So what is our alternative option for dealing with our dog when they jump up on the couch? Here is the solution. The first time they jump up, take them very calmly and place them on the floor without a word being spoken. If they jump up again you take them by the collar and put them in Time Out. Close the door on them and walk away. When they are quiet you can let them out, but make sure you ignore them. It’s as simple as that. A couple of points to cover off some questions you may face. Firstly, if you are concerned that you can’t catch your dog because they are too fast then carry on reading. In the next chapter I shall explain how to ensure that your dog no longer has the upper hand on you in the speed department! Secondly. Your time out room needs to be safe for your dog and secure. Usually a bathroom or toilet works well as they have few windows and are quite small. Remember when your dog is in Time Out they are not supposed to be having fun, so sometimes outside in the garden is not the best option. Thirdly. If your dog is barking you really want to wait until they stop before letting them out. If they are quiet then a couple of minutes is usually long enough first time round for them to think twice about doing it again.