ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #29 Digital 04 THE BEST OF - Page 31

Close your eyes and picture a wall of hunting trophies made up of the heads of psychedelic deities, caught in the wrath of their last deafening roar. You’re on your way to grasping the fierce mania embodied in AJ Fosik’s sculptural works. With titles like ‘As Good as Any God’, ‘Idol for the Absurd’ and ‘Embracing Stochasticity’, their intensity is clearly pervasive – from conception through to bold realisation. And while the American artist’s work resides unremittingly in the realm of his sabre-toothed wit, the zeal with which it clings to his convictions is nothing less than devout. Sarah Jayne Fell talks to AJ Fosik about God, acid trips and impending doom, as well as his latest body of work, which fits somewhere roughly in between. Images: courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York | AJ FOSIK