ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 51

Photography: Tsuyoshi Ozawa Tokyo-hailing Tsuyoshi Ozawa knows the medium’s new found purpose all too well. His work is known to challenge beliefs and concepts of political and social life – exactly what his Vegetable Weapons project aimed to do. Shown in a 2012 group exhibition named On Photography, Ozawa travelled around the world and photographed women holding a weapon made from the ingredients of a local dish. After the ‘biodegradable machinery’ is captured, it’s destroyed: in the form of a jolly feast. This way Tsuyoshi not only learned about the culinary experiences of Asia, America, Europe, and Africa, but taught people how stupid warfare actually is. Although gun holders are rarely hippies, decomposing weapons through metabolism is certainly worth a thought. If only turning them into smelly excrement was that easy.