ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 4

editor's letter We are experiencing a period of crisis, of war and turmoil, and this resonated strongly with us. So much so that it played a role in our initial ‘blueprint’ for this issue - art/artists who had a strong political message in their work. However, the tone became slightly too heavy and our own voice and message was at risk of being swallowed. What was this message? It was – and still is – to pay tribute to the art, artists, initiatives and debates that are actively changing and challenging pre-existing ideologies’, in whatever medium and throughout the globe. So, this issue, we say: ‘Step aside, l'art pour l'art'! Art with Purpose is a cascade that flows in unexpected forms and undiscovered spaces. Many faces, places, dialects, and mediums… Art Activism is a global agenda. Join us on a fully digital interactive journey around the world, from Tokyo and Syria to Cape Town, the UK and Brooklyn… Starting in Syria, we interview rock band Tanjaret Daghet about their revolutionary music (otherwise known by Syrian officials as ‘devil music’). Their music certainly transcends the barriers of ‘art for arts sake’, putting their lives, as well as their families’, in danger to ‘unite opposing sides that somehow feel and hope for the same things’ through music. It certainly doesn’t matter to Tim Fite where you live and what democratic pressures you face, technology has got you! ‘iBeenHACKED’ is the Brooklyn based artist/rapper’s satirical comment on how society has been hacked by technology. Press play and enjoy our first Skype video interview across continents! Another continental leap lands us in Japan with Tokyo artist Tsuyoshi Ozawa’s global project Vegetable Weapons! Tsuyoshi Ozawa did his fair share of travel around Asia, America, Europe, and Africa where he photographed women holding weapons made out of vegetables. These loaded images deconstruct political ideologies and point out how stupid warfare really is! Biodegradable weapons aren’t the only culinary tools used to make bold statements. In the U.K Fishlove have cooked up a campaign to bring awareness to the dire state that the global marine ecosystem is in. Celebrities such as Richard Branson, Gillian Anderson, and Sir Ben Kingsley stripped down and posed with dead fish in danger of extinction! Now that’s dedication! In keeping with all things British - fashion house, House of Hackney transposes their luxe design to create a special edition PUMA line. We mirror this in Cape Town's cityscape and feature the House of Hackney: SELECT Magazine Q&A. Heading back to home soil, we land in Cape Town, right in its beating heart! LA-Based Filmmaker Ralph Ziman’s RESISTANCE project is a giant public art installation depicting a broken AK-47 that boasts a world record for spanning over 100 meters. Watch the 14 minute doccie on how the street art made out of wheat paste, was formed! COVER CO-EDITOR Richard Branson ©Fishlove/Nick Kelly SARAH CLAIRE PICTON EDITORIAL ADDRESS: GRAPHIC DESIGNER Unti 501, Salt Circle, 19 Kent street, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa tel: +27 (0) 21 4477 096 fax: +27 (0) 86 545 0371 web: email: ADVERTISING SALES LAUREN DE SOUSA ADVERTISING & SALES MICHAEL LITTLEFIELD EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTION JESS LEVY CHRISTINE HOGG Giuseppe Russo FOUNDER / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF