ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 38

Your single ‘Ta7t el Daghet’ (Under Pressure) has a bit of a loud-quiet-loud vibe to it – something the Pixies did a lot. While it has a steady riff to it, the vocals sound melodic until there is a more aggressive ‘burst out’ following a soft, dreamy episode at the end of the song. For those who don’t understand the words of the song, was there something specific you wanted to achieve with this structure or did that just come naturally? Our songs, until completion, are a work in progress. We may have planned for each song to sound a certain way when we kicked off our creative process. However, from the vibes we get from one another while performing, and the artistic direction of our producer, we continue to tweak until the final sound. So in the case of ‘Ta7t Al Daghet’, which means ‘under pressure’, the lyrics tackle the various pressures that the youth of today are facing all around the world – social, cultural, economic, and many more which we’re very passionate about. The lyrical and musical arrangement of the song is intended to help the listener understand the depth of our worries and frustrations via the vocals, and the build up of these pressures via the crescendo at the end of the song... it’s the way we release it all, just like a ‘Pressure Pot’.