ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 32

‘IT IS TIME TO DIG C**T AND WOMEN MUST DIG IT FIRST’. The evolution of the vagina has brought us to the point where anything goes! The last decade has seen gates open, and with it ladies’ legs too… You want to create plaster casts of women’s vulva’s and exhibit them around the world, sure. You want to walk into a Paris Museum and display your vagina whilst sitting under a famous painting, absolutely. How about full-frontals of celebrities in Paper Magazine, no problem. Well not for some. Whether it’s on par with clickbait or used in activism art the ‘V’ word continues to harvest responses of all sorts! Here’s a back-to-basics question: can you even say Vagina out loud? All together now: VAGINA! There have been many milestones along the way. Perhaps starting out with Germaine Greer’s ‘Vagina Revolution’ manifesto published in the Penthouse Forum Magazine in 1973. Greer saying that: ‘Skirts must be lifted, knickers (which women have only worn for a century) must come off forever. It is time to dig C**t and women must dig it first’. Cosmopolitan Magazine 45 years after it’s inception in 1965, published the word ‘vagina’ on their cover for the first time in 2010: ‘Your hoo-ha handbook: Get a healthy sexy vagina’. Even facebook’s nudity policies have been relaxed after the approval of pictures exposing women’s nipples while breastfeeding in July 2014. Have the media hijacked the proliferation of the vagina in their favour to attract your attention and provoke your ‘click’ to increase their views? Or are there still genuine activists out there trying to make a valid point without jumping on the sensationalism bandwagon?