ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 26

How did you decide on models or fabrics? First of all we had the opportunity to go through the PUMA archives to see all the different shapes that have been used. From going to the different shapes and choosing the one that we felt worked well with our prints, some classic ones and some less so. We worked with the PUMA design team to marry up our prints and figure out what worked best on each shoe. Something that is really exciting for us is that our own furnishing fabrics velvet and jacquard, are actually being used on the PUMA trainers. What is the concept behind the collection? We started with our classic prints that we’ve become known for: Hackney Empire which has all the animals in it, Wild Card which is our classic leopard print, Palmeral which is our palm leaves as well as Dalston Rose and Inferno. So for the first collection it was the key message to actually use our classic prints. People associate us with those prints. Is there differences or difficulties to translate this allover print - which is usually made for wallpaper or furniture - onto sneakers? We have now branched into fashion as well womens wear and menswear, so we’ve been doing that for almost two years now and for us our fashion aesthetic is quite sporty. Whether it’s sweatshirts or tshirts, traditional aspects of our label makes a good DNA. So what we were missing was trainers really and that’s why PUMA fits in really nicely. Once we selected the different styles and prints we had to do some work on rescaling the design and that sort of thing, but it worked well. How did you find the result? Model: Candice Grobbler Model: Quintin van Heerden Photographer: Lasche' van Heerden We have seen some samples, and they looked great, even better than we could have expected. I think it’s going to be a really exciting collaboration. There is already a lot of anticipation for it.