ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 25

Where does the inspiration of HOH come from? We are largely influenced by different things, mainly the natural world I would say, which you can see with our leopard prints, leaves, animals, birds, bees and flowers. Consciously or subconsciously we gravitate towards the natural world and living in Hackney and being surrounded by a lot creative people and great street styles we are constantly being influenced. So I think it comes into it as well, Hackney has its own character and plays a role in our designs and our collections. Who are the HOH buyers? We aspire to create a brand that was 95% made in England, which is very important to us. Also, we wanted to create a brand where the products that we design were well-made and could last. The other thing we wanted to do was “yes it costs more money to make something in England than make it in China” but we still wanted our friends our age group to be able to afford our pieces. So we were trying to, from that stage, attract both a younger customer and also an ageless friend. Young and old can really appreciate the beauty of it and there is something in it for any age group. We are definitely seeing this with customers from 20 years old to 90 years old, which is really nice. Can you now explain to us, how the collab with PUMA started? Who approached who? Myself and Javvy growing up - before we met - we both in our teens, wore PUMA trainers and it reminds us of the kind of Brit Pop years and our first trainers were definitely PUMA. So it was really nice when we got the call from PUMA to ask if we would like to collaborate with the brand. We were really excited by the opportunity to do so as big fans of what PUMA does. Instinctively we thought it could make a great collaboration using our prints and using the classic PUMA shapes.