ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 22

How did House of Hackney start? HOH launched two and a half years ago in Hackney in East London, myself and my husband Javvy founded it. We are both product and fashion designers and when we went to do up the interiors of our home, we thought that there is a real gap in the market for beautiful furnishings that use beautiful fabrics. We wanted to buy something that was made in England, which is very important to us. We found that the market was very bland, a lot of beige, it was quite neutral and we could not really find the print we wanted for our own house, so we launched HOH. We have lived in Hackney for 12 years, it’s a very interesting part of London and it’s a real melting-pot of different cultures, different types of people and a lot of creatives live in Hackney. As Hackney’s roots lie in Victorian London, the Victorian trend was quite important to us in our first collection. You just talked about ‘Made in England’, what is England’s DNA for you or England’s roots, or London? For us the aesthetic of our brand, which started with interiors, has now has become a fashion and interiors brand. The silhouettes, the shapes of the interior products that we use are very much rooted in traditional English furniture pieces. So for us it was important that we actually went back to the real craft of where and how those pieces were made, and work with traditional artists and makers in the UK to recreate that traditional look. But what we wanted to do was to make something quite modern, so juxtaposing the shapes with our prints for almost like a clash between two things which became something contemporary and which has become our brand DNA really. Mixing the traditional with our prints to make it feel quite progressive. This is why England is so important for us.