ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 18

‘WAR IS NEVER PART OF THE SOLUTION, IT’S ALWAYS PART OF THE PROBLEM.’ (DESMOND TUTU) The Dalai Lama might have been denied access to the new South Africa, but the anti-gun message was still going to be spread. According to collaborator Guto Bussab of MUTI Films, ‘the parade is the place where many city commuters cross to go back to the communities, which are exclusion places created by the architecture of the Apartheid Government.’ With the blessing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and War Resisters International, the Resistance team aims to create wide-reaching alertness and tangible change. The proceeds of Ghosts have funded three local charitable organisations and workshops in the Cape Flats, as well as international advocacy organisations such as Humans Rights Watch. On top of that, the plan is to take the project around the globe. Design and execution may change to fit the sociopolitical landscape of countries like the US, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea and Nigeria, but Claire McGuinness of Invisible Sun explains that the verdict – beautifully expressed by Desmond Tutu in the following video – will remain the same: ‘War is never part of the solution, it’s always part of the problem.’ Artist: Ralph Ziman