ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #28 Digital 03 - Page 16

‘RESISTANCE IS A WHEAT PASTE SPANNING ABOUT 100 METRES EDGE TO EDGE’ RESISTANCE – a wheat paste spanning about 100 metres edge to edge – was conceived earlier in 2014 by artist and filmmaker Ralph Ziman and anti-arms deal campaigner Terry CrawfordBrowne. Co-produced by Invisible Sun and MUTI Films, and with the help of The African Arts Institute, Ubuntu Academy and WetInk, a competent installation team was put together to bring a giant artwork depicting a broken-in-half AK-47 to life at the Grand Parade in Cape Town, South Africa. It was supposed to coincide with the World Summit Nobel Peace Laureates, but sadly the conference was cancelled because the Dalai Lama was refused entry into the country yet again.