And so here we are. You are a legend, a bad one, born under an unlucky star. After you came into this world bad things came to happen: a drought, then heavy rainfall, a really cold winter, finally a wildfire. These people blamed you for all this, but then thankfully you disappeared,” Grey said. “What happens to me afterwards?” the girl asked. “I don’t know, I haven’t planned that far ahead,” Grey replied. “But I have good news for you. Prince What’s-his-name is coming here in a few months looking for a bride and you’re the best looking young lady here. Maybe that’s what’s going to happen.

Days became weeks, weeks became months. The people stayed stubborn but our protagonist learned how to read and write in a really short amount of time and finally prince What’s-his-name came to the town. He was immediately escorted into the castle where Anna was nervously waiting.

Anna was shocked. The prince wasn’t someone from a story, but rather something from a nightmare: short, dirty, ugly and had a strange odor of something that she wouldn’t like to describe. Dinner came and she heard his voice. It was also bad. Honestly there was nothing good about this man. He was a 3rd born, only loved by his mother and only that is because it’s his mother.