Indeed, the girl was as beautiful as it was told but the rest… It was a legend nothing more. The girl herself wasn't sure of why the forest became home to her. At first it was a hideaway from everything what hurt her. As the time passed she found herself more and more attached to the place. And one day she never came back from her hideaway. As unusual as it sounds, no one missed her. It never came to her mind that someone could. Surrounded by thousands of trees, a flowing river, wild animals who became her family and friends, wind and even sometimes rain she didn't need anything else.

One day, while minding her own business, the girl saw something unusual: people. One seemed old, with a long grey beard and a tall powerful looking man. “Strange”, - she thought, as no people ever ventured into the forest, it’s dark and very dense, but these two seemed determined, almost as they didn’t see this forest around them. Of course the girl knew this forest well, so she quietly followed the men around, up until they found her home, at that moment the girl got scared, “are they searching for me?”, she pondered. The men stay at her house, ate everything, drank everything, sat on…