It was pretty tough because she was only five, but the fact that the future depends on her was more important than anything else. She tried to find the girl from the future in her dream seven nights in a row. But it didn’t work. Once she started giving up and one night she just aggressively told her grandmother to not read the story anymore. Because she was so exhausted from the research she has done every night - she fell asleep straight away. And guess what happened! The girl from the future finally came to her and told the little girl about her life. They were talking the whole night until this mysterious girl from the dream told her about her whole life, what happened and why she’s here. The five-year-old girl realised that they were super similar: they both had grandmothers who used to read these old stories to them before they fall asleep, they both only lived with their mum and had two-twin brothers. It was pretty obvious that something was up but the girls thought that it’s just a coincidence.