Today is the little girl's fifth birthday. Her grandma read her an old Italian tale before bed, which was about a spirit that could cause hurricanes with the most graceful tilt of a hand, and when the spirit would close her eyes, the sky would go dark. The girl in the forest sparked up a bonfire. She used sixteen sticks for it. For some reason she could feel that she was getting weaker, sensed that she could not hide out here any longer, and knew, what she had to do. The little girl had come to her in a dream, she understood that she had to leave the forest and find that little, hazel-eyed girl, in front of whose power people shall bow in the future. The little girl was her fairy and she had to teach her the power and force she possesses. If she fails, the cycle will break and everything that has been created will fade into oblivion.

The mysterious girl knew she had a long way ahead of her, which was the reason she wasn’t so frightened to leave the forest. Because she hasn’t been anywhere but the forest, it became a big problem to her as she didn’t even have a clue where to go. But she was brave enough to overcome her fears and do what she needs to do.