That box painted with big blue flowers was with grandma’s name on it. Lisa was really interested what could be put in the box so she asked her grandmother where she could find it. Sadly, Anna said that the last time she saw that box was 40 years ago.

One day Lisa invited Monica to her house. She told her friend the same story her grandmother told her. Both girls were very interested so they decided to search for that box. They inspected the whole house but didn’t find anything. Then the girls decided to look for it in the basement. It was very dark and cramped with old furniture, big boxes full of various things. They searched for the mysterious box for a very long time till they finally found it!

It was in a dark corner surrounded with old-fashioned clothes. The girls stared at each other with eyes full of fear and happiness when they saw the mysterious box. Lisa and Monica couldn't decide who wanted to open the box. Finally, Lisa gave up. Then she grabbed Monica's hand and carefully opened the finding. Both girls felt thrilled and excited. Suddenly, the box closed itself and the girls fell onto the ground. The second try was more successful, because the box fully opened. Unfortunately, it was empty, except there was one glass ball which was rolling around. Monica was touching the ball when something very shiny took the girls and pulled into the box.