The girl was so tired that as soon as she lay down, she fell asleep. The girl‘s head was full of various thoughts and some of those thoughts appeared in her strange dream. She was dreaming that a young lady and a young man were smiling to her and the lady was singing a beautiful lullaby. The girl didn‘t remember her parents and this dream had been calming her down. A few hours later she woke up well-rested. The old lady


was already sitting next to the girl. She was looking at her with sorrow in her eyes and she was slowly sipping green tea. The girl was thinking about the dream and decided to tell the old lady about it. She knew that it was a bit strange to tell about her dream to a person that she had just met but she never felt so safe.

So, the girl told the old lady about her dream. The old lady was very concerned about this dream and said that it could be really promising because

because it could have been a forgotten memory but not just a dream. When the girl heard the old lady‘s opinion, she tried to repeat the dream once again in her mind and tried to spot some clues that it hadn‘t been just a dream. Several minutes later the girl gave up. Then the old lady asked where she had got so much bad luck from.