As she got up, the door of the house began to open and an elderly lady came out. The woman had lush grey hair. Oddly enough, she looked like she was in her fifties wearing an Adidas tracksuit with 3 stripes. The lady approached the girl and asked “Darling, it is cold outside, do you mind visiting me, this old hag?”

The girl replied ”Yes, madam”.


When she said this, a rather creepy smile showed up on the woman’s face. One could even say the evil strange look on her face fitted her quite well. After some time, both the girl and the woman entered a rather comfortable looking humble-a-bow. It was just a 2 bedroom household with a very large living room. The woman offered the girl some tea and quickly ran to the kitchen to prepare some. Meanwhile, the girl started taking a close look around the living room. It was very strange and even stranger was the retro 90’s theme. It contained synthetic flashy curtains with some oddly shaped furniture. You could even say this place looked like it was from a museum.