The family started to think what this could mean. They all realised that this happened for some reason and that this meant something. They all got up from the table and rushed to the attic to find some kind of a clue that could help. Eventually, dad found an old dusty chest and opened it. Inside there were lots of old newspapers and pictures. In the corner of the chest there was a small book with a leather cover. It looked like a diary.


A little newspaper article with a picture of a doll fell out of the book. This doll looked exactly like the one that was haunting the house. The title of the article wrote “. Stop terrorizing parents with dolls!“ Dad read the article and found out that in this house a childless widow had lived and she put all her love for kids into dolls. She gifted all of her dolls to parents so they could play with their children. Sadly, after some time this idea was completely rejected by the town-dwellers.