From that time I started to wait for my rescuer, for you, Lisa. At last you managed to find the mysterious box in your basement. Don‘t be surprised, I‘m still looking as a five-year-old girl because the time here stops forever. Once your grandmother tried to rescue me but she couldn‘t help me. But now I know that you, Lisa, are my escape. You, Sister, are my rescuer. Lisa and Monica stood wordless and didn‘t know what to say. One question stuck in Lisa‘s head - how this little girl from the mysterious box could be her sister.

But how can you be my sister?,“ Lisa asked the little girl. The girl smiled. “Well, after the accident our parents were so devastated that they decided to move away from the sea, they were constantly having nightmares about my dissapearance. After some time you were born, and I guess they wanted to leave everythingbehind them so they never mentioned anything about me. “I don‘t know why, but I trust you,“ said Lisa. “Okay so how do we get out of here?“, Monica asked the little girl. “Remember the old woman I was talking about? Well she also told me that when my rescuer comes, I must go to her and give her my ring. Using the ring she will open up a portal for us to go back home We‘ll also have to perform a ritual. The woman will explain everything when we get to her. Let‘s go now.“